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Daruma's hometown

Daruma's hometown map in Daimonya
Daruma's hometown map in Daimonya Largest in the industry at 460 square meters
Parking for 50 general passenger cars and 15 large buses

Sumikazu Nakata,
Traditional Takasaki Daruma Craftsman

Daionya, boasting a history of approximately 100 years.
The annual production of Daruma dolls reaches
70,000 units.

The most important feature of the Daruma's face,
the eyebrows (depicting a crane and a turtle),
is meticulously crafted by
the fourth-generation craftsman,
Junichi Nakata.
They are then delivered to our valued customers.

Junichi Nakata,
the fourth-generation craftsman of our company,
is recognized as a designated traditional craftsman
of Gunma Prefecture.
In the first year of the Reiwa era,
he was honored to receive the Yellow Ribbon Medal,
a prestigious award in the Takasaki Daruma industry.

Takasaki Daruma 1 Takasaki Daruma 2

No two are alike.
Beautiful face and letters

Daionya, the birthplace of Daruma dolls,
has not only pursued new creations
but also strived to explore how to beautifully craft Takasaki Daruma dolls,
which have been passed down as traditional crafts.

In order to fulfill the wishes of our customers,
we handwrite every face and character.
We are committed to delivering the
highest level of traditional craftsmanship.

Takasaki Daruma 3 Takasaki Daruma 4

Painting and handprinting
Experience Learning

At Daimonya, we offer programs that
allow everyone from babies to adults
to experience traditional techniques.

For those who book the experience,
we offer a special gift to return the favor.
You will also receive a postcard
designed by Chihiro Nakata,
the fifth generation of Daimonya's
female Daruma craftswoman,
which has been prayed for
to make your wishes come true.

Why don't you try making a Daruma ?

Painting Experience

Bringing Takasaki Daruma to the World to the World

Daionya, the birthplace of Daruma dolls,
not only spreads Takasaki Daruma dolls within Japan
but also to people around the world.
We engage in various activities such as
painting experience events,
sales exhibitions, and painting performances
to create opportunities
for people to learn about and interact
with Takasaki Daruma.

Our mission as artisans involved in traditional crafts is
to convey the charm of Takasaki Daruma
as a traditional craft and to create opportunities
for people to know and appreciate it.

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Postal code 370-0875
124-2 Fujizukamachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan



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Parking lot

Parking for 50 general passenger cars and 15 large buses

Lucky toilet

Separate toilets for men and women

Restrooms for the physically challenged are also available.
認証No.0400100 だるまのふるさと大門屋開運トイレ

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124-2 Fujizukamachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Postal code 370-0875




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