Nakata's room

Nakata's room

Japanese Traditional Craftsman
Nakata's Room

Traditional Craftsman
Nakata's room

Sumikazu Nakata, the representative of the company and a Gunma Prefecture Hometown Traditional Craftsman, is the fourth generation of the family.
As the fourth generation, he continues to preserve the history and tradition of Daimonya.
Daimonya produces 70,000 Daruma dolls a year in 22 sizes ranging from 4.5cm to 74cm.
The most important part of the doll is the face.
The most important part of the face is made by Sumikazu Nakata, a traditional craftsman.
We put our hearts and souls into making Daruma dolls for the fulfillment of wishes.

Sumikazu Nakata

Traditional CraftsmanSumikazu Nakata

As a "Gunma Prefecture Hometown Traditional Craftsman
As a "Hometown Traditional Craftsman of Gunma Prefecture", he strives to create "traditional and historical Takasaki Daruma".
He also devotes himself to the creation of creative Daruma dolls.
Daimon-ya Bussan Kabushiki Kaisha - Former President and CEO
Former President of Gunma Daruma Manufacturing Cooperative
Chairman of Gunma Prefecture Furusato Traditional Craftsmen's Association
Chairman of Gunma Prefecture Furusato Traditional Craftsmen's Association.

2000 Certified as a Gunma Prefecture Furusato Traditional Craftsman
2008 Gunma Prefecture General Commendation
2010 Japan Tourism Association Kanto Branch Commendation
2012 Gunma Prefecture Award for Meritorious Service
2018 Takasaki City Culture Award
2019 Received Medal with Yellow Ribbon
2022 Takasaki City Outstanding Skilled Worker Awards
Sumikazu Nakata

Gunma Prefecture Passing on the traditional crafts of Gunma Prefecture to future generations
——Mission as a Traditional Craftsman

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Daruma dolls produced in Japan are Takasaki Daruma, most people don't even know the name Takasaki Daruma, let alone the fact that it is produced.

It is my mission as a traditional craftsman to make many people aware of "Takasaki Daruma", a traditional craft that has been certified by Gunma Prefecture, and to be interested in traditional Daruma. I think.

Tradition × Daruma

Tradition × Daruma

Hyakunen Daruma
Hyakunen Daruma

As a traditional craftsman, I not only make Daruma dolls.
I also pursue the history of Daruma and promote the traditional craft.
The impetus for this project came from my fascination with the simple wooden patterns of a hundred years ago.
We have revived the Hyakunen Daruma based on the method used a hundred years ago.
The Daruma doll is made of environmentally friendly materials.
When the Daruma doll is finished, it can be safely returned to the earth using environmentally friendly materials.
We are also working on a joint project between traditional crafts.
We were fortunate to have a relationship with the gold and silver leaf craftsman, Sakuda, and decided to create a pure gold leaf Daruma doll using gold leaf, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Pure gold leaf Daruma
Pure gold leaf Daruma






Motorsports / Bench Press

I have been bench pressing for over 40 years.
For physical strength to build Daruma, for car racing as a hobby, and for a change of pace.
In car racing, we have participated in races at Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, and other venues.
Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, and various other venues, and have achieved good results.
He also serves as a coach for an annual sporting event for children.


Traveling Abroad / Exchanges

In addition to promoting the Takasaki Daruma doll to the world, we are also deepening exchanges with people from all over the world.