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About Takasaki Daruma

Takasaki Daruma, the largest producer in Japan

The Takasaki Daruma is a lucky charm made to pray for the safety of sericulture farmers in their homes.

Gunma Prefecture has long been a region where sericulture has flourished.
Silkworms molt four times before making cocoons, and when they break open their old shells and emerge, it is called "getting up.

With these words in mind, sericultural farmers have continued to worship the Daruma doll as an important guardian deity.

Production of Takasaki Daruma Big Takasaki Daruma

The traditional skills that come alive in your facial expressions.

The Takasaki Daruma doll features two auspicious animals on its face: a crane for the eyebrows and a turtle for the nose and mustache.
On the plump belly leading from the protruding chin are the words "福入" in gold paint and the wrinkles of the vestments. The wish of the seeker is written on the sides of the face. Takasaki Daruma is carefully crafted using techniques nurtured over 200 years of tradition.

Takasaki Daruma's face Wish
Daruma dolls with personalization
We will listen to your requests when you visit our store, and produce the doll at a personalized place where you can take a picture.
Back: 5 minutes minimum, front: 15 minutes minimum.

A wish put into a Takasaki Daruma

We hope that everyone who buys a Takasaki Daruma will have a healthy and peaceful year ahead of them.

Takasaki Daruma believes that by keeping the family safe and peaceful, the source of many conflicts can be eliminated.

I will continue to make them with the hope that people all over the world will be able to live each day and spend the year in peace.

the fourth generation A wish put into a Takasaki Daruma


Takasaki Daruma Q&A

From which side should I draw the black eye of the Takasaki Daruma?

The recommendation is to start with the left eye.

"We recommend that you enter the Takasaki Daruma from the left eye on the right side of the screen.

There is a theory that this is due to the fact that the left side of the seat is considered to be the higher position, as in the saying, ""There is no one to the right.
In fact, there is no fixed order.

In fact, there is no fixed order. The act of adding eyes is not an act of ""drawing in eyes that are not there"" but an expression of ""opening the eyes of the heart.
Putting the finishing touches on the eyes is the act of putting the soul into the Takasaki Daruma doll.
In the olden days, the eyes would be completed with a round, wide, and open look from the center outward.
In more modern times, customers who wished to have their Daruma completed would do so themselves."

Where should I place the Takasaki Daruma?

There are no rules.

In the past, it was placed on the right side of the altar.
Nowadays, however, as the domestic environment has changed, there is no absolute rule to limit the place of enshrinement to the altar.
There is no rule, but there are some points to keep in mind.

Why are there so many different sizes of "Takasaki Daruma"?

It's about fulfilling a wish.

When a wish is fulfilled, some customers want to buy a larger Daruma. Our Daruma is meant to meet this desire. When a wish is not fulfilled, and the wisher tries again When they try again, we recommend the same size Daruma.
Another reason is that we have to balance the size of the wish with the space where it will be placed.
We offer a variety of sizes of Takasaki Daruma so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Does the color of the Daruma have any meaning?

The colors do not have any meaning.

We put one of our eyes in the Daruma doll and make a wish for it to come true.
Originally, Daruma-san was not a magic doll that could make wishes come true.

Daruma-san is not a magic doll that can make wishes come true.
Daruma-san is like a mirror that reflects your unfinished self, the one who has yet to make his wish come true.
In order to make your wishes come true and become complete
In order to make your wishes come true and become complete, you have to keep working hard.

Therefore, the Daruma doll of your favorite color is your Daruma doll.
Choose the Daruma doll that you feel is "the one! Choose a Daruma doll that you like.

We have a wide range of Daruma dolls, from traditional colors to gorgeous colors such as gradations.
Daimonya will continue to work diligently to create Daruma dolls that each of our customers will love.

How should I dedicate (offer) my Takasaki Daruma doll at a milestone?

You will be asked to perform a "burning service.

Ask your local shrine or temple to burn up the ashes.

It is recommended that you pay a "memorial service fee" to the shrine or temple that accepts your request.
Be sure to visit or contact the temple to confirm that they are willing to burn up the ashes.
If you just leave it there without checking, it is illegal dumping.

Daruma dolls are objects that have been enshrined. When your wish comes true and you want to dedicate it
Please do not treat it as dust (garbage).
If you live in an area where there is a Dondoyaki or other New Year's decoration ceremony
If there is such an event in your area, you may have your Daruma burnt up there.

If you do not have a place to store your Daruma doll, please contact Daimonya. (actual shipping costs, please contact us in advance)